Maximize the revenues of your business with Crimson Growth

We are here to help drive growth for your company. Together we will shape your future. We have created the Snap Count Management Solutions to maximize growth.



The Crimson partners are former and current C-Level Executives focused on early stage to medium-sized businesses up to 100 million dollars in annual revenues to accelerate sales growth and profits, and immediate returns by leveraging our extensive background and experience.

With vast network of contacts, we act behind the scenes to provide advice, expand lead generation, sales management and partnerships; and counsel to help maximize the revenues of your business.

Our Expertise

We have restructured on-going enterprises and executed international expansions for divisions and for various industries.

We have established green field corporate developments domestically and globally.

The CGP team is well skilled in many languages and travelled throughout the world.

As a team or individually, we enhance the economic value added of our clients to higher competitive levels.

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We act as silent partners, not only as consultants, with the incumbent management teams. Our firm endeavors to capture value across each division of our corporate clients by delivering demonstrable structured and analytical results established in the short run between 3 to 5 years.

CGP is able to work on a retained, project or deal basis. We welcome the opportunity work in advance of a particular project or deal so that CGP helps you determine the best course of action and prepare companies internally and externally for the event. We remodel the oprational infrastructure of companies to expedite financing or attract partners or acquisitions. We have found that working with owners up to 3-5 years in advance of a plan exit can significantly enhance business valuation.


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Pillsbury Law 
2550 Hanover Street 
Palo Alto, CA 94304 
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